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Libro di Testo / testo consigliatoCulture Clash, (Conrad, Fitzgerald , Kipling, Mansfield, Melville ) Casa editrice Liberty ISBN 9788899279875, Focus Ahead - Intermediate
Lavoro assegnato e relative indicazioni

Lavoro assegnato e relative indicazioni
1. Do the following exercises from Focus Ahead - Upper Intermediate:
pp. 210-211 from 1 to 5, p. 218 1,2, p. 219 from 1 to 5, pp. 224-225 from 1 to 4, p. 232 1,2 , p. 233 from 1 to 6, p. 246 1,2, p. 247 from 1 to 4.
2. Read the following short stories from the collection "Culture Clash": Lispeth, An Outpost of Progress, How Pearl
Button Was Kidnapped, Love in the Night. You have to look up the words you don't know in the dictionary and copy
them in your notebook. Eventually, you should be able to summarize each story by considering:
When and where? (setting)
Who? (characters' physical appearance and personality)
What? (plot)
Personal response - personal opinion